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The story of winning Del Brown 2009

I must admit, I really did not anticipate or expect the congratulatory reaction I received from so many people as to winning the Del Brown this year. Going into the event for me was as much about sharing a boat with a good mate of mine in Captain Justin Rea as it was about being in a tournament. I guess I looked at it as 3 days fishing in a tournament rather than fishing in a tournament for 3 days. This attitude was the luxury of naivety on my part because this event was only my second having entered it last year as a complete tournament rookie. I have been involved with several billfish tournaments over the years but never before as an angler in a fly fishing event. How lucky was I ? Extremely lucky – I had 3 days glued to the bow on arguably ( or no argument at all ) the most incredible permit flats on the planet. Throw in a guide that seems to have a knack of sniffing these wily bastards out no ma