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With Christmas behind us and the cold bite of winter settling in, we all begin to day dream about warm tropical weather and a bit of fishing therapy. Thankfully despite changing covid protocols the rigors of getting to a destination like The Bahamas is getting a little easier.

Much of this improvement is down to the tweaks and adjustments countries and companies are making to the travel process prior to traveling. Using these new technologies and apps saves a lot of time while traveling.

Below are a few of the resources that have made traveling a little easier for our anglers that have visited us this year.

Prior to travel look for the travel apps that are being developed by the airlines and other companies. You can get all your approvals processed prior to arriving at the airport. Just show the check-in desk your phone and you are good to go.

  • VeriFLY ( American Airlines + others)


Free app intended to help you understand and upload all travel requirements to your destination. I recently travelled on American Airlines to the US and back to The Bahamas. I uploaded all the information needed for each destination. The process was easy to follow and once completed I was given approval. American Airlines booking agents outbound and inbound looked at my phone and approved me without question whilst other travelers were being declined at check-in.

  • Atlys (Worldwide visa application App or website)


A few of our fishing clients have recommended this app, specifically if you get lost with The Bahamas health visa application process. You pay a little extra and they take you through the whole process in a more structured format until you end up with you Bahamas health visa.

  • Applying for The Bahamas Health Visa

The Bahamas health travel visa wasn't initially that intuitive and took a while to get through the application. More recent reports suggest that it has now become more user friendly. Firstly, set up your account with user name and password. Once you have that completed, follow the process to get your health travel visa. It's important to make sure you have electronic copies of your negative Covid test result and your vaccine certificates. Make sure you have all you flight details handy. Once completed you will normally have your approved travel health visa within the hour.

One option that's now been added to the Bahamas health visa application is to pay for a return Covid test prior to arrival. Uncle Sam now requires a rapid Covid test within 1 day of travel to return to the US. Luckily for us we have lots of convenient testing sites which provide results back within the hour. If you tick the test option, ($25 at the time of writing) you don't need to fill out any paper work, just show your Bahamas health visa, take the Covid test and out the door. This saves time and means you have more time on the water.

NOTE: The Bahamas government has also recently done away with the need for a Bahamas health travel visa between most Bahamian islands. So if you intend to travel between islands now it's a lot easier. (Check links below for specific details).

  • CDC testing requirements to enter US.

New Rules recently brought in by the the CDC mean that you have to complete a Rapid PCR test within 1 day of travel back to the US. What that exactly means is that if you were to test on Thursday morning for an afternoon or evening flight on Friday your negative Covid test result is still good to travel.

Some clients have expressed concerns about finding a testing center in the Bahamas that can provide the results back within the 1 day window. For us on Grand Bahama it's not a problem. We have a number of test centers that will normally email your results back within an 1hr of taking the Covid test.

  • Getting tested in The Bahamas

One of the questions that most clients bring up prior to arrival is 'how do I get tested prior to leaving The Bahamas'. Luckily for us on Grand Bahama there are quite a few options available 7 days a week for either the rapid test or the RT-PCR test. In most cases your will receive your test results back within the hour. Some offer VIP services and come to you for $$$. We normally test on the way to fishing or after fishing. Both have minimal impact on your fishing time. Prices start from $15 up depending on place and time. As mentioned previously, The Bahamas Health visa test option prior to arrival has proved to be the most convenient and quickest option.

Overall from where we were 2 years ago travel has become a little easier, albeit it is never that convenient anyway. If you are prepared to travel, then the pristine un-pressured flats of The Bahamas await, and for us at this time of year, that means big Bones!

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