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We are known for having some of the largest 
bonefish in the world.   Customers who have fished with us agree that the average size of bonefish is impressive with many setting their personal best records with us here at h2obonefishing. Our average size of bonefish is in the  4+ lb range with almost daily encounters with fish in the 6 lb to 8 lb range. True double digit bonefish should be a realistic goal for all our clients and everyone fishing with us should always be prepared for those encounters.



Located on the island of Grand Bahama




Bonefishing Bahamas

We are one of the easiest island to get to and fish in the Bahamas.  No matter where you are coming from in the world we have flights from several major US hub cities.  Multiple daily flights from Miami and Fort Lauderdale,  daily flights from Atlanta along with scheduled flights from other US cities make travel a breeze..

If you prefer a more hunting style of fishing.  there are few places that can compete with Grand Bahama.  For the more seasoned angler, looking for a more focused style of fishing, look no further.  Many of our long term Clients keep coming back year after year for this one reason.  Add to that the chance of breaking the double digit barrier and you have the makings of a great fishing trip 

bonefishing Grand Bahama
Bonefishing Bahamas

Relax in the clubhouse after fishing at the pool bar, by the water or on the sofa, Bones Bar the club house was established to give you a place to hang out after fishing, share a story, have a cocktail, drink a beer or sample a fine sipping rum. Thats up to you.

Bring your family-theres lots to do.  We are not a typical lodge, our location and the fact that we trailer our boats, affords us the opportunity to fish the famed Northside while allowing the non fisherman, family etc the opportunity to utilize the facilities within Freeport and the surrounding area 

Bonefishing Bahamas
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