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An often overlooked aspect of fly presentation to bonefish when fishing from a skiff is that of understanding exactly where the fly needs to be presented in relation to the position of the bonefish. The question .. ‘ So, how far should I lead a bonefish ‘? is probably one of, if not the most commonly asked question we receive from our anglers here at h2o Bonefishing. 3 to 4 feet can be a box standard answer but often that will never cover a good chunk of what you can expect in a single day. So to help answer this in a more helpful and productive way it is best to ask anglers to first understand the factors that go into determining what that distance is. The reason for this is that the distance at times varies greatly. There is no one rule fits all approach to this. There will be some exceptions or more accurately, there will be less variation based on certain circumstances for example if you fish all day in the very same depth water, often when wading for example, then a single distance approach may work for you but this article will be focused on the two most influential factors that determine your decision making as to lead distance.