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The Keys to Learning the Bonefish Game

Catching a bonefish is an accomplishment for any angler, novice or expert. Photo courtesy H20 Bonefishing

Every year, hundreds of new anglers join the migration to the tropics in search of what many consider to be one of the world’s finest light-tackle game fish: bonefish. Here in The Bahamas, we are fortunate to have hundreds of thousands of acres of prime habitat that supports large populations of bonefish, along with enough habitat diversity to produce a decent number of trophy-size fish. Catch and release is now the norm, which will ensure that this wonderful game fish is here to stay. Although our numbers and size are impressive, those new to fly fishing shouldn’t expect to just show up and have these fish to jump in the boat and start rummaging in your tackle bag for a fly to eat. The gray ghost is hard to see and at times even harder to catch. They were designed that way, and it’s the main reason why this type of angling can be classed as a true sport.

First-time anglers should be ready to learn a lot, even when they aren’t casting. Photo by Sandy Hays