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Updated: Sep 21, 2020

When h2o bonefishing finished the season in 2019 little did we know that it marked the beginning of something and not the end. A historical hurricane arrived and did alter the landscape but before we knew it we found it had somehow seamlessly merge into a worldwide Pandemic. The times have been challenging but there has been a very clear winner miraculously emerged from these unforeseen events and that winner is our fishery itself.

Our flats on Grand Bahama boasts one of the Caribbean basins’ longest unbroken stretch of mangroves extending over 100 miles . Our flats are covered with healthy large bonefish that seem only too eager to be caught. Bonefish of true trophy size are seen on a daily basis. Permit seem happy and content, as best they can be considering their disposition. We are experiencing new things that were once thought to have been relegated to the historical records for example we caught a 30 lb grouper on the flats while throwing a tube lure for a barracuda ! We have heard the odd sighting of mahi mahi coming in from the ocean into the shallows hunting baitfish, their bright green / gold and blue heads visible from several hundreds of yards away. Stories once thought to have been regaled by fisherman of times long gone are once again being told as our fishery rebounds to historical levels.

As I write this The Bahamas is beginning the process of opening up. From the 1st November 2020 we will be offering unique packages to get fisherman onto flats. For more information go to our website

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